Sunday, September 18, 2011

Those Angry Birds

0 comments seriously..what is the obsession with Angry Birds.  I ask this because I myself seem to waste time away by flinging those silly little birds trying to destroy those little green pig like things.  Over and over again I catapulting those birds away instead of doing something meaningful or useful.  And let's not forget the bird plushies that are now making their way into out local stores.  Angry Birds are everywhere. 

Have a great Sunday to go get E and A ready for church...wish me luck.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Try


Let's try this again.  A few things have changed that will let me have more computer time on a regular basis.  Very happy about that as well as some other changes that have or getting ready to take place that will destress my life big time.  Restoring some peace to this household.    All I can say, it's been a crazy last 4 months..I can't even believe the summer is at an end.  I had a lot of high hopes for this summer, but I guess there is always next.  Have I mentioned that I REALLY dislike winter..yup can't stand it.  I would be perfectly happy to live someplace that didn't experience a real winter, no cold, no snow, no ice...perfect.

Shop news..Things have picked up.  I did get a few blankets and burp cloths listed  I also listed a few other things that I had been sitting on.  Who know baby food jars would be a huge seller, I've sold 64 so far with another 24 pre-ordered.  I am waiting on a response from a lady in Singapore that is interested in a crocheted baby blanket as well as waiting on the final details and completion of an order for 50 cloths.  All this with Christmas shopping just around the bend. 

At home, I have been working on a few projects.  I will post pictures of these as they are completed.

Small Vinyl Chalkboard Labels 2" X 1-1/2"  Set of 241. Spice jars...using of course...wait for food jars.  I ordered small chalkboard labels (pictured to the left) from this etsy shop and have painted and modge podged the lids.  I haven't add the spices yet (been dragging my feet on that one) but I really can't wait to have it all done. 

2. A hair stuff/jewelry box for's a 4 drawer chest that I am painting bright pink and each drawer will be a different color. I hope she will love it.

3. Getting rid of a lot of "convenience" type food and replace with homemade.  I will go more into this in future posts.  I will share my take of creating convenience mixes and such at home.  I picked up an eBook from The Hillbilly Housewife  that has tons of recipes for these items too.  Next post I will share more on this in the next post. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day.  Right now I have a sink full of dishes to wash, some chicken enchiladas to make, and sheets to hang on the line. Hope to talk to you all soon.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Again


Does anyone remember that movie?  I use to love fact I think I might have it in my box of VHS's buried somewhere in the dungeon (aka the basement). 

So, I'm back for a quick hello.  I don't have a lot of computer time right now.  We only have 1 laptop and DH is starting his second book, so my computer time equal a couple quick stolen moments or when he isn't home. 

It's been an amazing last month or two.  God has been raining down blessings upon blessing on us, which has been wonderful.  Although, he has always provided for us, it's been wonderful to not have to worry about where things are going to come from and when they are going to show up.  One off the wall thing, was a serger was purchased for me.  It's been at least a month now and I'm still extremely excited about this.  I will be offering receiving blankets (some with crocheted edges, some without), burp cloths, baby wash cloths, "un" paper towels, and who knows what else. 

So....I tried to add pictures...and it didn't work.....grrrrrr   I will have to get into this and figure out how to upload pictures for you all, but not today.

Anyways...some sales of interest this week.  Aldi has salad mix for .69, mushrooms for .49 (I picked up a bunch of these to slice and freeze), cucumbers for .29 and I think cherry tomatoes for .69. 

That's all I've got for you today.  Well that's not true...I was going to post a favorite throw together meal of mine but....since I can't get the pictures to will wait.  I was a good girl and took pictures last night (although I didn't make it very well, it still looked

Hope you all have a blessed day, night..week...

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