Saturday, June 27, 2009


A Saturday morning all to myself..or at least most of it. While I rarely need a day to myself, when I do, I ended up having such a hard time enjoying it because I just want to come home to my family. I guess that's many a mom's problem. Today, I am getting my hair done...something I love to have done but hate getting done. It's been a long time so a lot is going to come off. Looking forward to low maintenance hair once again. And bringing my latest project...the box...will help time go by quicker and possibly give me a chance to share about etsy.

I am very excited I received my second nonfamily sale yesterday. I have reached my goal of selling 10 items...I guess I need to come up with a new goal. Maybe selling 1 item a month to start.

Our anniversary night was nice. Got off to a late start but it was nice. I did actually get the chair mostly done. It just needs an extra coat of stain and a top coat. Scott loved it and was excited to have it done (well almost). Neither of us can figure why he loves this chair so is a beautiful chair, but there is no real sentiment behind it.

His gift to me was a beautiful box to keep my yarn and current projects in. This will keep Erica and our pets from getting at them. This was great considering they recently ruined a project due and since I was spending hours a week fighting for, untangling and/or rewinding yarn.
I also have decided to take on soap making yesterdat. Something I've been interested in, but never dived into. They turned out super cute. I made just basic green turtles and frogs. These I have decided will be the free gift with my bath items.


sarta mexicana said...

Congrats on your sale! I enjoyed reading your blog!!

dogdazzle said...

The chair looks great.

Enjoy your weekend and congratulations on the sale!

Jess said...

Love that Chair! Happy belated Anniversary!

SleightGirl said...

That is a nice looking chair, and happy aniversary!

Where's the picture of the box you got?

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