Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm Back....I think???


Yup...that says it..I'm back...I think..maybe????  In case you haven't noticed I've changed the name of the blog and we are going to go in a whole other direction.  How about instead of my shop (which is set on vacation indefinitely at this point), we talk for real?  I will share life things...from our monthly dinner plans, shopping lists, recipes, E's crazy antics, A's sweet nature, my crazy ideas and everything in between. 

So, where have I been this past year?  It's been a ride that is for sure.  We started working full time ministry, we got pregnant and had baby A (who is almost 3 months now) and I guess a bunch of other stuff in between. 

At this moment I am cherishing the precious few moments of quiet I have everyday.  Everyone is sleeping...well except A who is multi-tasking eating and sleeping.  I'm looking at my pile of work on the other couch calling my name...April's menu, so recipes, recipe book, and magazines are scattered all over while I strive to achieve the balance of new recipes, old favorites and of course the tolerated. On the menu for tonight? Pizza Empanadas. 

Picture of Empanada

Yup..that totally is not my picture, grabbed it from a recipe, but sure looks yummy right?

So...I think I'm going to get back with my menu planning.  I will share what I come up with later in the week (hopefully).


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