Friday, December 4, 2009

Rough Couple of Weeks


So..last time I wrote I was super excited about the new house.  My mom was here for almost a week and we got a ton accomplished..but there was still so much to do.  Then on the 20th, we got some awesome news but it threw a huge halt on everything painting wise.  I’m was a planned surprise..we have been trying but I guess you never expect it to be that month..or at least I don’t.  So..the last couple weeks have been filled with tons of stress trying to find people to help finish up the house..with only a little success.  So now we are 1 hopefully 2 weeks out from moving (we prefer the 2 but our current landlord might want us out in 1) and have 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and some cutting in and trim to do.  BUT let’s add another level to all of this.  Eager to get the Doctor process underway I go in for the pregnancy blood test to get receive results that my numbers weren’t high enough and I needed to retake the test..great..not problem..retake the test last Wednesday but because of the Holiday I didn’t get the results until Tuesday afternoon this week..they didn’t double..had to go in and take another test this past Wed..the doubled but in a week they should have been A LOT they bring me in for an Ultra Sound yesterday to find out what was going on, very thankful they didn’t make me wait and just fit me in.  Go in..have to talk to the midwife first because the nurses could tell I’m a wreck..she pretty much prepares me that I’m miscarrying..go in for the ultra sound..first thing she announces..there’s a HEARTBEAT!!!  I just started sobbing on the table (not that I hadn’t been all day) and luckily dh was able to make it while I was in there and the technician was wonderful enough to show him the baby and let him hear it as well.   HUGE amounts of stress for nothing..I understand that they do the numbers because that’s the earliest indication that something is wrong..but wow. So I am very very thankful that we have a healthy baby developing..and I am due on July 31st.  :)


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