Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures of the New House


I went through and took pictures of the new house.  Very exciting.  I will post pictures room by room as I am work on them otherwise I would end up clogging up this whole post with so many pictures. 
To start here are the pictures of the original Dining Room/Living Room.  We have accomplished a lot already.  All of the wallpaper has been removed and a subfloor was put down since the existing hardwood was in horrible shape and the carpet would not even lay well on it.  We are going to start priming and painting today.  The colors for the room are Vanilla Brandy with Weeping Willow accent walls.  I’m not going to tell you the actual will just have to wait and see ;).  Hopefully will be posting pictures of the completed area (minus carpet which is being installed on the 30th) within a few days. 
DSCN3009 Dining Room
DSCN3010 Living Room
DSCN3011 Fireplace that Unfortunately does not work.


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