Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New to Us House


I’m really excited about a new project I am undertaking.  We have decided that we are going to move into a different house. We are renters..for now..so it’s easy.  The house we live in right now is very nice..only about 4 or 5 years old.  Huge compared to what we came from..very nice neighborhood..very nice neighbors..in fact there was 4 other young families from our church around us. But..there are a couple of downfalls.  1. and the most influential..all of this comes with a larger price tags..rent while not high is stretching us a little to far and keep us from being able to do anything and enjoy some fun things.  2. no back yard..well a landing strip of a back yard which is controlled by the association so no baby pool and not leaving the little slide out so summer fun was a bummer for us just because of the pain of pulling things out every time we wanted to go out many times for just a few minutes.

So..anyways..the house are moving into is OLD and needs a TON of work.  It’s a duplex house..which is a down fall..but the rent makes up for it..almost half of what we are paying now..YAY.  So..what’s the new and big project..um..the house needs a lot of work and guess who is going to be doing some of it..or a lot of it..at least doesn’t need a strong male or to be professionally done.  I have wall paper to remove, 8 rooms plus a stairway and hallway to paint, cabinetry to paint and a ton of cleaning.  Okay..so maybe not a TON of work for me..but did I mention that all this needs to be done with my 2 yr old in tow and as quickly as possible so that we are moving at the latest by mid December..add on top of that Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving, and my shop which I really hoping picks up very soon.  The really fun thing about all of this is..I get to pick out the paint colors, we get to do whatever we want to the house as long as it increases the value of the house.  Oh and the majority of everything in the house will be new..carpets, floors, windows, vanities..lighting and the list goes on and on.  The one big downfall is..is tiny kitchen and I love to cook.but even that is fixable with a couple extra pieces in there.

So, I am very excited about all of this..I will be taking pictures of the new place tomorrow and posting them soon and I really hope you will follow along with this project with me.


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