Monday, November 9, 2009

45 Days to Christmas - Random Etsy Search – Red Apple


So, I thought it might be fun with the holiday season baring down on to post some Etsy finds.  Hopefully this will help to give you some ideas for your holiday shopping. I also started my search around page 20 for items that have been lost in the shuffle.

For this search I used the term “red apple”. I am planning on putting together a gift basket using some homemade canned apple pie filling, some crumble/crisp topping in a jar, and some random other apple items.

Here is a few items that I found – click on title to be brought the item listing or go to the shop using the shop link. 

Apple Jacket – Hand knit red -


Apple Jacket - Hand Knit Red

4 oz Apple Spice Soy Upcycled Jar


4oz  Apple Spice Soy Upcycled Jar Candle

Travel Lunch Set – Mini Bag, Petit Sandwich Bag with


Travel Lunch Set- Mini bag and Petit Sandwich bag with Napkin

Apple Birdhouse


Apple Birdhouse gourd

1/4 Pound Dried Red Apple


1/4 Pound Dried Red Apple Slices


Funnyface said...

House of Gourds graciously just send me this message:

I am offering the following apple at $27 instead of $30 Just for your readers! They will need to contact me to let me know they are from your blog and I'll do a discount on it.

audreyscountrycrafts said...

You found some really great apple items! Love the knitted apple sock thing! I actually have a crocheted one - works great!
Hope you have fun in the "new" home! Pick some really nice bright colors if you are painting.

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