Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple Fest and the Quest


We visited a local apple farm this past Saturday for the annual Apple Festival.  It was raining that day, that misty one minute downpour the next type of rain, but we ventured out was a one day thing and we didn’t want to miss it.  All in all it was a nice time, they had a petting farm that was fun for E, she ran around calling the goats puppy, over to the lama that was having a sneezing fit, and of course the cow that liked to lick.  I’m really hoping that next year there will me more to it, for all the hype that I kept hearing about there was really not much to do for the $3 a person to get in.  I also decided to pick some apples while we were there, that was fun and I ended up with a huge bag of apples ending up being 24lbs, not bad at all for $8.  I will up to ears making applesauce and hopefully some sautéed apples to can.


Onto the quest, I have a new goal for the store this week.  My plan is to hit 50 items by the end of the week.  I am at 39 right now.  I have 10 items ready to list including 3 new bath puffs, 3 new soap savers (in fun colors), the first snowman hanging, a set of gift tags, a new doily, and a set of dishcloths.  So, that leaves one new item to create or find that I haven’t listed already.  I’m very excited about reaching this new point. 

Items listed over the weekend (click on the picture to view listing):

DSCN2356 Lavender Haze 1


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