Wednesday, September 2, 2009


. I really don’t have too much to say, so I’m wondering why I’m even writing.  Maybe I can do a quick update. 

I am very excited about having gotten the 4 sales this past weekend, this is going to help buy my daughter a new pair of shoes, but beyond that I’ve been able to start picking up different supplies, and I have to mention it’s 40% off coupon week at hobby lobby.  Very exciting because that is just down the street from my house rather and has more stuff than the little Joann’s that we have (I really really really miss my Joann’s Ect that I had 5 mins from my house before we moved). So anyways, the only bad part is I have to go in there everyday to pick up an item to get the 40% off, one per customer per day.  My biggest problem is decided what to buy, whether I should stat stocking up on some Christmas yarn, or stocking up on flour sack towels (which I did already pick up the pack to complete the kitty set, that should hopefully be posted next week).

I did get posted the first of the hillbilly collection of wall hangings I’m going to be doing.   These are a lot of fun.  The pattern is a vintage Aunt Martha pattern and I antiqued the fabric before embroidering.  My later thought was that I should have antiqued it after I embroidered it but you live and learn right.  I’m working on the second one of the collection right now and am hoping to have it posted before the end of the week.  From there I’m going to make a quick switch over to the final kitty and then do up a couple snowmen hangings as well.  


So, that’s my ramblings for the day..a whole bunch of nothing really. Have a great day!!!


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