Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Happy Day


I’m so super duper happy.  You know that happiness you have when someone decides they want to buy your stuff, well times that by 4 today as somehow, someway (which I am actually going to call it answered prayer) I was able to get 4 sales this past weekend, actually not even this weekend, yesterday.  I’m still waiting on two of them to go through, but still how exciting is that.  Not that I’m going to do much with it except put the majority of in back into the business to get supplies but still, I’m so excited to be able to pick out new yarn colors and/or maybe some other ideas I have rolling around in my head for items to sell.  Super excited, can you tell.

Anyways..enough ranting about that.  I was actually excited to blog about something else that I even took specific pictures  Probably kind of boring to most, but something else that made me excited (doesn’t take much right).  This weekend, I pulled out my old back of tricks..the ones many people use so they aren’t mine but one that I had set aside once I became a mommy and started staying at home.  I actually sat down and planned out this weeks menu, not necessarily by day, but at least the meals.  THEN, I actually did all of the basic prep for these meals, shopped onion, peppers, and mushrooms..browned meat ahead of time for those types of meals.  I was able to get some Ziploc containers at the store last week for .75 each with coupons..2/$4 and I have $2.50 worth of coupons on two (should have picked up 4 but whatever), so I used those and actually divided up the veggies and put sets in containers, so all I have to do is pull  it out of the fridge and dump..WOOHOO.  I had a blast doing it..and now I won’t be bothered by it this week.  I have to remember to do this every week.

My Favorite Cooking Utensil       The containers

DSCN2470 DSCN2472 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Monday. 

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Audrey said...

I've tried to plan meals for a week. I usually make it to day 2 then it all goes to pot. LOL
It would be so nice if someone planned the meals for me and all I had to do was shop and cook.
Congrats on the sales!! That is exciting!!

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