Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today's Random Contemplations About the Store
It seems that I have come to some sort of crossroads with trying to make this store work. I feel like I spend so much time promoting and not enough to time creating, which isn't the items in your store ultimately suppose to promote themselves (as long as they stay visible). I have the supplies to make 3 more sets of dish cloths and one of the second set of towels, so shouldn't I focus more on those. I also have difficulties taking the photo's of my products and of course that is ubber important but I just can't seem to get them as clear as others. I have just accepted the fact, thanks to my feedback, that my items are selling worthy, that my items are worth people paying for, but I am still struggling with finding my niche. I get so excited when I list a new type item that I think will be a big hit only to have them turn out to be a complete dud (which I know is not suppose to be a personal thing but I can't help but take it a little personal) or have to go on the forums to get people to even look at them. I'm sure many of you feel the same way I do..confused, maybe a bit frustrated. I also know that I have come a LONG way since I really started working on it this past June, from one sale (which was my mother) to 15. I can say that even one sale is enough to give me a natural happy high for days..I get very excited that someone actually wants something I make, but there is always the anticipation and let down of waiting for the next sale that as the days and weeks go buy just gets worse and worse. I also know that summer is a slow season and it will hopefully pick up in a month or so. I also know that many time my ideas and dreams are bigger than what reality really is. All in all, I will stick it out until at least the end of the year and see what happens. My goal is to get at least one sale a week..preferably two, I don't think due to some of my time constraints I would be able to handle keeping up with more than that as far as creating goes. I need to figure out what the most effective ways are for me to advertise. I need to start focusing more on creating than sitting on the forums waiting for someone to want something. All in all...I need to stop worrying about trying to make this work..I mean hey...if I it doesn't work then I have a lot of Christmas presents already made right.. :)


Anonymous said...

I also feel like I spend so much time marketing and not any creating. Before all I did was make stuff until I was so over packed that I was so behind in listing!! I think we need to find a happy medium!

courtney said...

heyyy - chin up! i totally can sympathize. i get so caught up in the selling vs promoting thing - it's tough being a small business!

the way i see it, keeping your store fresh with new items is the best way to pull in new customers - i mean, people get so caught up with online promos that they forget that people want to see selection, not just sales and promos.

it'll come eventually - just don't lose hope!

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