Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Very Random Thoughts


Does letting a pregnant lady go in front of my in the line to the bathroom count as a raok or is that just common courtesy....I'm thinking it's common...I mean no matter how bad I have to go she's got to go worse...after all I don't have a baby sitting on my bladder (at least not yet ;) )

What should I get dd for her second birthday? She received a doll from one of her grandmother's this past weekend, which was the main thing I was going to get her. This one is great and she loves it, but I'm thinking of still getting her another she can change the diapers and one that I can find clothes to fit and such. The one she received in 12in but most clothing and accessories sets I've seen are for the 14in. Of course I have to check Etsy as well.

I think I'm loving the cold front moving through, although I'm not sure about having to change my layers of clothes throughout the day to match to go with the weather.


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