Monday, August 17, 2009

More Toddler Antics


You know that wonderful laugh, that one that comes with a squeal of delight, that one that you just can’t help but laugh with yourself. Well, I have learned over the last few weeks that although I love that laugh, if it is happening and it’s not directly related to DH or I doing something to cause it, it’s probably not a good thing. This laugh usually involved our 8m old yorkie, who by 012nature is a rambunctious dog, hyper as all get up. Our little one has discovered that she can attempt to pick up Puppy (yes that’s her name, an a whole other story), which of course usually equals the wonderful belly laugh as the poor puppy tries to wiggle and wrestle her way free. She has discovered that the puppy will jump on her and chase her if she holds the puppy’s toy just out of reach, which all the while puppy is jumping and yapping. It’s a crazy life.

Let’s talk. I am working on listing a ton of soap savers. They seem to be a popular item, even if they aren’t I have them in 9 different color right now and will be listing them slowly (to stay searchable). Right now I have, tan, white, light blue, lavender, yellow/white, red, hot pink, hot blue, and a natural variegated.



Designer Favors said...

That is too cute! There's no greater comedy in the world than kids and pets.

Audrey said...

A little while ago I won one of your soap savers! It came in the mail today!! LOVE IT!!
Thanks so much!

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