Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am back


I bet you didn’t even know I was missing.  Shortly after my Monday post..the cord on my laptop died..which in turn ended up with a dead laptop.  We have a desktop that I have been doing basic activities on because although less than a year older than the laptop it is ssssllllllooooowwww.  So..either way..I have a new cord now (thanks to Ebay..very cheap) and am back in action.  The store did suffer a little considering no new hearts and only a few new views. Oh well, I did get some things done.  I finished the baby blanket that I had started and will be blocking it and hopefully listing it as made to order next week.  I have also start doing some wall hanging embroidery pieces.  I am working from a vintage hillbilly pattern right now.  Then on to some snowmen for Christmas.  I know..not a very interesting entry today..not much to talk about.  Unfortunately, I’m not to sure I managed any ROAK this week, which I feel bad about..I was all gung ho and then nothing this week.  I am planning on making something to take to a local nursing home next week though.  As for the week before, I did end up getting a small sale and sent a little over 30% of that sale to the young lady in need, I wish it was more..but I did what I could.  Anyways..hoping to be back in action in full next week, next week  I will hit my 30th post so I will be adding project wonderful to this blog, I will hopefully be adding at least 3 items to the store next week as keep a look out.

I forgot to mention we were featured on another blog this week..very exciting stuff.


Audrey said...

I know just how frustrating it is to be without the computer!! Glad it didn't take long for you to get back up and running! Congrats on the feature.

Marci said...

It is amazing how things change when a computer goes down - glad you are back!

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