Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness


A random idea came to me last night as I was reading our MOPS book for this year.  Well..maybe not so random as they mentioned similar to this in it.  I’ve decided I need to start making some kind of impact on my community.  A little background on how we ended up moving to this little town..our Pastor and good friend moved here to take over a church, since is a. a good friend, b. the one the married us, and c. his family had been praying for a couple years for us to have a little one, we decided to make a trip down here to have her dedicated at his new church.  At that point we found out really what a drug problem this little town has.  When we came home we were praying for direction because things were not going well for us in MI and we really felt God telling us to move here so DH could get involved, helping to get one person clean at a time..or whoever God brings him.  So..we moved and DH has started little bits here and there towards making an impact. 

So, with that big picture I’ve really felt that I should be doing something..I want to make some sort of difference in some bodies life or lives.  For now I’m going to start small, I will focus on doing at least one random act of kindness a week, I know lame right..but it’s something.  Some weeks it might be something bigger and some weeks it might be something small.  This week it’s a small thing and I’m not sure it’s going to work but I am donating 30% of my sales (if I get any which is why it’s small) to a fellow Etsian who’s mother is terminally ill and could use some help with travel expenses to be with her.  Next, week..I’ve got ideas but you will have to read next week to find out. 

I do want to include some pictures from a treasury that was created for this cause. Click on any of the pictures to take you to the treasury

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dogdazzle said...

It's not "lame" at all. I wish more people would do a random act of kindness! It's very wonderful of you.

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