Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy Busy Busy


I have been frantically working the last week or so on my first consignment deal, which I am super excited about.  You will find us at Dreaming Tree Studio’s in Kentucky.  Their grand opening is November 4th.  I’m really hoping for good things from this.  I am sending out 10 bath puffs and 10 soap savers today.  If these are successful I will be adding washcloths and possibly facial scrubbies (once I get the pattern worked out) as well.  We are very excited and hoping to have more consignment deals in the future.  Here are the bath puffs, I was going to take a picture of all the soap savers as well, however, dh ran out the door this morning, taking the camera with him.  Oh, and I finally found a shop to do tags for me at a very reasonable price.  She is awesome to work with. 
Another item I have been working on like crazy is a custom order blanket.  It’s turning out very nice and I am more than 2/3 done.  I am hoping to be able to finish it this week or early next week.  I’m thinking about creating a listing for a custom/create your own blanket.  I’m going to list out prices by foot/color..for example.  $8.00 a foot for 1 color plus a trim color..$10.00 a foot for 2 colors..and so on. Not sure how to list it just yet though.
I am also excited to have won a custom order for crochet squares.  I will be creating 50 squares for her using her pattern for half of them.  She will then turn it into a blanket.  I’m hoping if this turns out well to be able to do more work for her down the line. 

So, it has been a busy week.

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audreyscountrycrafts said...

Good luck with the consignment job!! That will be so much fun, you should do really well.
Love the blanket too! Purple would not be my first choice, but you do what the customer wants! Love the pattern.

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