Monday, October 19, 2009

E’s Birthday – Part 2 – The Cake



So..this is what happens when you turn your back on a two year old within reaching distance of the cake.  Completely unaware that she had noticed the cake, and that she could reach it if she moved her chair, I turned my focus on cleaning off the top of the refrigerator.  Bad move mama.  I turned around to see her chewing on heart stops a for a moment because I don’t know what..and then I see it..the hole that was impossible to cover up. 

Believe or not, that is not the end of the saga.  The next day, after I had disastrously decorate the cakes (went the easy way of using store bought frosting..what a mess)..had one of the cakes sitting in the refrigerator..turned around to grab something off the counter to put in the fridge..and what happens..ANOTHER HOLE..she decided to taste test AGAIN..had a big old handful of frosting and cake the she was licking off her fingers.  UGH!!!  I know it’s my own fault for turning my back but I didn’t realize again that she would grab it in the literally 2 seconds I turned my back.  The positive note is that it was the same cake as the other hidden hole and of course it creates a great story and the grandparents loved it.  I tried to take a picture of “the cake” however the picture did not turn out.  You can kind of make out a little bit of the whole on the bottom right wing.


Here is the other cake that was not tasted ahead of time



Keep an eye out for part 3..loads of pictures of the actual event.

Okay, so on a quick side note, you may have noticed that I am posting less often.  I pulled back from being on the computer so much last week (or at least tried).  I’m going to be working on stepping back a little, spending more time creating and more focused time with E.


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