Tuesday, October 20, 2009

E’s Birthday – Part 3 – The Party


DSCN2793Trying to blow out the candle

DSCN2797 DSCN2797 More Cake

DSCN2808 The start of presents

DSCN2824 Middle of presents..she love clothes

DSCN2849 She loves her babies highchair

*****Her Actual Birthday*****

DSCN2866 Playing with Playdoh in her new booster seat

DSCN2871 Wiping her hands after even more cake

DSCN2876 Rearranging her presents


DSCN2882 actually opening presents (I think that’s the first time she really did it herself)

DSCN2884 End  day of the..my attempt to capture the t-shirt, however if just never worked..she moves too fast.


That is is..thanks for looking..I will plaque you no longer with my DD’s birthday. 

Quick note about the shop, my mom made this really neat table runner..it will work for Halloween and fall. 



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