Friday, July 24, 2009


Happy Happy Friday everyone. I'm so excited to be able to stay at home today. At the beginning of the week I wanted nothing more than to stay home as much as possible this week...and what have I around all over the place. So today and tomorrow..I am home bound and very happy. Yesterday, I went out on a wild goose chase. I heard that Target has a big July clearance on toys and some baby dolls were included in this. So, I pack us all up first thing in the morning for the 45 min drive (can you believe that 45 mins..where I lived before we moved here I would have to say I had at least 10 within a 45 min distance. ) to check it out. I get dolls were on clearance...pretty much no girl toys at all were on clearance and definitely not any that were appropriate for a two year old. Figures right. I'm sure we've all had the frustration on chasing after something and it just not working out. Ah well..I guess I learned my lesson..but I'm sure I will do it again because after all I am a deal chaser. I also went on another wild goose chase trying to find a couple farmer markets that I saw signs for only to run into road closures and ever worse getting nervous because I'm in the middle of no where and finding a big body of water that I didn't know excited and a new freeway I didn't know had to turn around. Yesterday was an adventure to say the least.

Okay..I am considering doing a giveaway and I'm wondering what everyone would be interested in seeing..a $5.00 gift certificate, a dish cloth, or a soap saver? Please comment and let me know.

Here is a sneak preview of what I'm going to be listing this afternoon. As always, I am giving my followers an opportunity to "pre order" it before I do the public post. I will be listing this set for $10 plus the $3.00 shipping. I am offering it to you at a 25% off discount before I list them this evening. Please either convo me here or leave a comment here. They are a large of 11 x 11. They are machine and dryable. They are 100% cotton so expect a small about of shrinkage and will get softer with each use.

I will also offer 25% off all kitchen and bath items wtih the mention of this post.


Lady Steel said...

The soap saver sounds like a great idea!

Audrey said...

I totally agree with Lady Steel - soap saver!!

vilatesniftynook said...

yeah, I second *actually third :) the soap saver! I really want one of those!

Sorry you had a fiasco of a day! That is always frustrating. I would be sitting at home all day today too if I had had the day you did!

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