Monday, July 13, 2009

.'s the start of another week. Monday's always seem to hold something exciting...what shall the week bring. It will be a busy week as usual. I have to do some baking for the shut-ins at our church, apply for health insurance, and my mom is coming down for a of course all of the normal things. It will be a fun week. I'm super excited about a new project I'm working on. I am embroidering flour sak towels. I'm not sure whether to label them vintage or not...the design/style is vintage but it's all new items so I have no idea how that works. will be a few weeks before they are ready to list. I also discovered this past week that ballpoint paints are still in existence. I thought they were a thing of the mom had my grandmother's set when I was growing up...I use to love those things and all the things so imagine my excitement to discover they are still around and would go hand in hand with my current projects. Suddenly my mind starts spinning on all the fun items I could do...pillows, pillowcases, sheets, towels, blankets...the possibilities are endless. Now to just get a hold of them..ideally I would love to be able to sell most of the items in my store to invest in the full starter kit...but more than likely I will just have to piece the sets together...but whatever I'm still very excited..I actually dreamed about it last night.

I am listing a new item today..a 3 piece dish/wash cloth set. These turned out very pretty..there are 2 white with specks of hot pink, purple, yellow, and orange with a hot pink border. The third is hot pink with a white border. They are larger at 11 x 11. I also want to mention really quickly that the bath puffs in the shop are 25% off. The pictures are a bit blurry and I'm hoping to sell them off before relisting and having to take some better pictures.

I also wanted to mention this sweet shop that I found. I was drawn to her store first because of the name (I love daisy's) and the bright pretty banner...but she has some really fun items in there. Items like frames, photo holding clothespins, post-it note holder, notepads and fun decorated mailboxes that would be great as a unique gift wrapping or as decoration at a party to hold the cards. I would definitely check this store out.

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Audrey said...

I love crocheted/knit dish cloths. I bought a few crocheted ones and my grandma knit me a few. They are just so much better than the store ones.

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