Monday, July 20, 2009


What a fabulous weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. My Mom was in town since last Thursday. We went exploring in a fun little city not to far from here. We actually spoke with a young lady who is a fellow Etsian about the possiblity of doing consignment in her shop, I am hoping to hear from her today. Very excited about that. Went to a local fleamarket and found a beautiful (or will be) storage bench for only $15. It needs to some tender loving care..but that is okay. To top is all off, we got a small batch of green beans canned. My Mom had to help me there because I was terrified of the pressure cooker. My MIL had gotten me a really nice high end one that has sat in the closet for a couple years now but with my mothers teaching I have learned not to fear it as much. I still have about 18 more jars to go. Today, however, I am planning on making strawberry jam. I picked up 10 qts of strawberries yesterday and am almost ready to go. Oh..and my mom was gracious enough to suggest the dh and I go out on a date while she was here to watch the little we visited a very nice restaurant here in town The Warehouse and it was FABULOUS. It's an old train station from the 20's I believe that has been turned into a restaurant..very nice with a very casual atmosphere and kid friendly. We are planning on going back. I think that is all about it...I did have a sale on Etsy for a couple sets of dishclothes...which is fabulous. So...all is all a wonderful weekend.

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Audrey said...

Good luck with the consignment shop!! I wish we had one out here again. Love strawberry jam - need to go get some strawberries!!

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