Friday, July 31, 2009


I caught a glimpse of myself from the past yesterday..and I was sort of jealous. DD and I had to run up to the store for a super quick trip, coming out of the grocery store was a young woman with similar hair cut..but done..her make up was done..she had a cute pair of jeans on..a cute shirt...cute shoes..the whole 9 yards. And there I was...jeans that have seen better days, a couple of tanks tops...flip make up..and hair very crazy looking. What happened? I always swore that when I became a mom and stayed at home...I wouldn't "let it go"...but I did. Every once in awhile I'll go through a phase that lasts maybe a day or two,but I remember the time of getting up for work and doing it all up to a T and walking out the door all super cute..not so much anymore...not that I would trade going back to work for staying home with dd...becoming a mom was truly the only thing I ever wanted to do..but couldn't I do it with a touch of class or at least a touch of cuteness. Ah there are my thoughts of the day..

On to more fun stuff..I posted a new set of dish clothes yesterday...these are in a "earth" color..they have brown, tan, and a slate blue..very neutral. They are 10.5 x 10.5. (picture is linked to the listing for more info)

I'm also proud to say that the kitty towels should be listed the beginning of next week at the latest. After has some paint issues....removing a tip the black paint exploded on a towel (that towel will have to be turned into a pillow) I had to redo the halloween that just needs to final stitching and painting done and they will be ready to go. I am very excited. I will be listing them in pairs..the first two Halloween and Christmas and the last two Valentines and America.

Don't forget if you haven't already to enter my contest a couple of posts below.

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dogdazzle said...

I have become the same old jeans, t-shirt, sloppy person too. My kids say they're going to submit me to the "What Not to Wear" show. It was my new year's resolution to dress better, but that didn't last long into this year. I know just what you're talking about!

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