Tuesday, October 13, 2009

E’s Birthday Weekend – Part One


Erica’s party was this past weekend and her actual birthday was yesterday.  There are so many fun things to share that it will definitely take a few entries, unless of course you all want to read a book.

So, let’s start with the rocker and the story behind it.

Here is it..the original version (well almost, I did start sanding it before I remembered to take a picture):


When deciding on Erica’s name, I got the middle name (Grace, after my Grandmother and my middle name), DH was allowed to choose the first name.  It was around this time that he began talking to our neighbor while outside doing lawn work and such.  When he found out her name was Erica, he decided that was it, that is what our daughters name should be.  So, he says that she is named after her..of course me..I say she was the inspiration for the name.  Anyways, she decided to move the spring after E was born. While cleaning out her garage she found this rocker that was hers when she was little, she decided to give it to us for Erica. So..that is the story behind the rocker.  Obviously, we had to wait until the right time to give it to Erica, which we decided would be her second birthday. 

Here is the refinished piece (with her baby doll sitting in it waiting for her):


Her sitting in it with bunny and her doll (two things that are carried everywhere we go):



Keep an eye for part two for the cake incident. 


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